Our Academic Approach

We are dedicated to providing students with individualized learning experiences that will enhance their overall academic and psychological development. With the use of research-based, brain-friendly learning methods, our students are empowered and prepared to become independent, strategic, and successful life-long learners.

Our team of experienced educators work with our students towards strengthening their cognitive development, with a specific emphasis on developing independence through the building of executive functioning skills. The centre's holistic approach also incorporates strategic learning processes, whereby students build their adeptness to manage, organize and perform inside and outside the educational system.

In addition to the academic focus, our team also provides students with differentiated learning challenges, which include both remedial support and gifted learning opportunities.

Parental involvement is essential to a child's success in all aspects of life. It is for this reason that our professionals are proficient in parental and educational consulting.

Our Wellness Approach

Using a strength-based, integrative approach, our wellness professionals help our clients navigate their emotions, build more adaptive coping mechanisms and behaviours, as well as relate to their thoughts more effectively so they can grow into the best version of themselves.

As part of an ongoing therapeutic process, our professionals nurture our clients from the inside-out, blending elements from various approaches and tailoring treatment to the needs of the individual, couple, or family.

Through working with cognition, emotion, nutrition, and exploring interpersonal relationships, our clients will promote their overall well-being. They will learn to develop skills that improve their capacity to self-regulate, communicate, and navigate social environments.

Our therapeutic and nutritional services are offered to children, adults, couples, and families.

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