The Brain Friendly Learning Centre is very proud to offer a variety of programs that help students achieve their goals and enrich their overall learning experience.

Brain Friendly Learning has partnered up with VKlasse Tutoring and is now offering a full Homeschooling Program for students in elementary school.

What is the Philosophy of the Homeschool Program?

Our Homeschool is founded on the belief that every child is unique and learns differently. Each child is viewed as a crucial contributor to their developmental processes and an invaluable partner in their overall growth.

Our educational approach revolves around three fundamental ideas: the significance of self-esteem in learning, the necessity of intrinsic motivation through meaningful learning opportunities, and the importance of evaluation and feedback in order to obtain success.

Our educational philosophy stems from the notion that learning opportunities allow students to develop the skills necessary for success inside and outside educational realms. In facilitating the educational process, our students learn how to understand information, apply knowledge in various contexts, think critically, learn strategically, and eventually become responsible and competent members of society.

How Does the Homeschool Program Work?

The Homeschool Program allows students to learn outside the typical educational institution.

  • Students will be grouped into pods with other peers in their grade (maximum 6 student).
  • In order for a pod to run, there must be a minimum number of 6 students.
  • All educators will be certified and experienced.
  • The Homeschool Program will be available for students from Kindergarten until Grade 6.
  • Students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 will learn in-person.
  • The location of the classes will be at people's homes on a two-week rotation.
  • Teachers will be travelling to the assigned home.
  • Report cards will be issued at the end of each semester (3 times per year). They will include a letter or percent grade, an overview of the skills that were learned, as well as detailed comments of the progress made by the student.
  • Students will be formatively evaluated by the educator. This entails informal observations and formal assessments throughout the year.
  • All lessons and educational initiatives will be overseen by both the program directors.
  • Lessons will be differentiated and tailored to the needs and levels of the students in the pod.
  • The homeschooling curriculum will follow the guidelines of the Quebec Education Plan and the expectations of the Ministry of Education. All students will be prepared for the following academic year should they continue in homeschool or attend a typical educational institution.
  • Parents must ensure that their child is completing physical education per week as well as Art [as mandated by the Ministry of Education].

For more information, please contact

4865 de Maisonneuve West, Westmount, QC, H3Z 1M7 514-963-1770